About Us

  • Our Mission

    KAV Productions offers a full range of video, photography, audio and multimedia production services. We strive to maintain our reputation for professionalism by meeting or exceeding the expectations of our diverse clientele. Our goal is to be the company you turn to for all of your multimedia needs by providing technical and creative expertise with present day and legacy technology.

    Company Profile

    In 1986, KAV Productions opened for business providing video production and audio-visual expertise in a field that would see a revolutionary transformation over the next two decades. We have worked on numerous fascinating projects with a clientele that covers the spectrum of society. Our reputation for quality and creativity has enabled us to successfully deliver the messages of many government, educational and non-profit organizations. From manufacturing to hi-tech, from tourism to financial services, the corporate world relies on KAV Productions to deliver a concise professional image in an appropriate style and format.
  • Kevin Lamoureux, President/CEO

    Kevin Lamoureux is a well-established media professional and entrepreneur. He has worked successfully with numerous organizations in many roles including project management, consulting, research, marketing and business administration.

    With several years of practical experience and a sound educational background in arts and technology, Mr. Lamoureux has helped make KAV Productions Inc. the successful small business that it is today.

Formal Accreditation

· BA Communication from Ottawa University;
· AV Technician Diploma from Fanshawe College
· Government certified French and English language proficiency.
· Adobe Training Certificate from Perspectives Informatique
· SOCAN Member, Artist

Major Clients