• Professor, Derek Gray, winner of the Marcus Wallenburg Prize at the NAV Centre, Cornwall

    Prestigious Prize Awarded for Scientific Breakthrough

    KAV was asked by the FIBRE organization, (Forest Innovation by Research & Education) to take news photos of the awarding of the Marcus Wallenburg Prize to McGill University Professor, Derek Gray. The images have been shared with major scientific journals and business publications worldwide.

    Professor Gray discovered that nano crystalline cellulose (NCC) can form stable crystalline phases in water when present in sufficiently high concentrations. By forming solid films of theses crystalline cellulose suspensions, it is possible to produce films with unique optical properties in wavelengths representing visible light. These ordered structures can be modified and controlled to create fascinating and unique properties, including polarizing mirrors, lasers and optical security systems. Such properties are already found in nature, for example, in the iridescent wing sheaths of many beetles.

    Gray's pioneering study of NCC paves the way for brand new business opportunities for the forestry industry.
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