Digital Conversions

Digital Conversions

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Preserve Your Videos on DVD or USB Drive

Those old VHS and camcorder tapes are gathering dust, taking up space and may soon start to deteriorate. Perhaps, you no longer have playback equipment and want to search for precious souvenirs that haven’t been seen for years. It’s time to gather up your collection of obsolete video tapes and have us transfer them to a format you can use. We’ll help you choose the best options to archive, edit and share your videos.  Tapes pictured above from top to bottom: VHS, Mini-DV, Super-VHS, 8mm-Video, VHS-C.


Digitize Photos, Slides, Negatives & Artwork

Slides, prints, negatives and artwork of all sizes are digitally captured and copied to the image format and media of your choice. We also provide image correction, restoration, editing and compositing. Change a background, remove blemishes, add special effects and much more. Once digitized, all images can be combined with a soundtrack and titles into video slideshows.


8mm/Super-8 Movie Film Scans

We’ll preserve the cherished memories on  your old 8mm or Super 8mm movie film reels by converting them to high definition video. We use a frame-by-frame film scanner to digitize your film then assemble it into a sharp, evenly exposed, flicker-free, 1920×1080 MP4 video.  Options include: video files on USB flash drive, digital download or DVD;  cropped or frame edge-to-edge; music soundtrack, narration or silent.

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Digitize Audio Tape or Vinyl Records

Remember when we’d use the tape recorder to capture family parties or make music demos? Do you have a rare vinyl LP, 45 or 78 rpm record? Convert and restore those old cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, or vinyl records to CD-Audio Disc, MP3 or WAV file and begin sharing those memories with family and friends today.


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