Audio Production

Audio Production


Studio Recording & Mastering

We provide multi-track digital audio recording and mastering of music or voice programs for broadcast, podcasts, audio books, digital download or discs.  Our sound studio is ideal for voice recording or small musical ensembles. Whether vocal, instrumental or narration, we have a variety of microphones, mixers and recording software to suit the application. We can even provide a studio musician and keyboards with hundreds of sampled instruments and rhythms.


Music or Sound Recording on Location

Larger groups such as choirs, orchestras or bands that require lots of gear and space are recorded on location. We bring the appropriate audio equipment to record the live performance then later master the recordings in our studio.  For spoken presentations and special events, we’ll mix from a number mics and sound sources then master the recording in studio.  Recordings can be shared as a podcast or synced to a PowerPoint presentation.


Sound Track Mixing

We also specialize in sound mixing for film and video sound tracks. We can combine multiple tracks, whether live action or speech, sound effects, ambient sounds or music score. These are meticulously mixed and normalized for stereo or Dolby 5.1

audio cassette

Digitize Audio Tape or Vinyl Records

Remember when we’d use the tape recorder to capture family parties or make music demos? Do you have a rare vinyl LP, 45 or 78 rpm record? Convert and restore those old cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, or vinyl records to CD-Audio Disc, MP3 or WAV file and begin sharing those memories with family and friends today.

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Sound for Live Events

Entertainers or guest speakers performing at banquets, conferences, festivals or other venues will have a variety of audio requirements. To ensure a good experience for the audience, peace of mind for the performers and a professional, seamless presentation for the event organizers, a dedicated, experienced sound technician is crucial for success. The sound technician will interpret the requirements of performers, set-up and operate the audio equipment follow cues and make adjustments as required

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Audio Equipment

Our studio is well equipped with a variety of professional audio equipment and  editing software.  For studio recordings, our selection of microphones and filters ensures optimal recording quality for music vocal, spoken word or acoustic instruments.  To help your sessions go smoothly, we provide: headphones, monitors, amps, music stands, instrument stands and mic stands.  Your sound technician will digitally capture and master the recordings using Adobe multi-track audio software.  Your technician is also a keyboardist and you may request accompaniment for your session.  We also offer PA systems and a gamut of AV equipment for rent.


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