AV Equipment Rentals

AV Equipment Rentals

Audio-visual equipment and tech support

Are you planning a conference and could use an AV professional to ensure your presentation runs smoothly? Planning a special event and want a great price for a sound system or projector rental? We’ll help make it happen.

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Projectors, Screens, TVs

Data Projectors

Rent from $70/day

TVs & Monitors

Rent from $60/day

Tripod Base Screens

Tripod-Base Screens

Rent from $35/day

Ceiling screen

Wall/Ceiling Mount Screens

Rent from $45/day

Sound Systems

1200 watt PA System

PA – Amplifier & Speakers

Rent from $150/day

400 watt PA System

Powered Speakers with Mixer

Rent from $100/day

500 watt powered speakers

Powered Stage Monitors

Rent from $120/day

100 watt amp

Keyboard/Guitar Amplifier

Rent from $65/day


Unidirectional microphone

Unidirectional Microphone

Rent from $25/day

Wireless handheld mic

Wireless Hand-held Mic Kit

Rent from $60/day

Wireless lapel mic kit

Wireless Lapel Mic – Lavalier Kit

Rent from $60/day

Wireless headset mic

Wireless Headset Mic Kit

Rent from $60/day

Audio Accessories

Audio mixers

Audio Mixers

Rent from $60/day

DI, press box, adaptors

DI, Press-Box, Adaptors

Rent from $25/day

Mic stands, music stands, instrument stands

Floor, Boom, Tabletop, Mic Stands, Instrument Stands, Music Stands

Rent from $15/day

Electric piano

Electric Piano (Full Keyboard)

Rent from $175/day

Conference Accessories

Conference phone

Conference Phone – Digital/Analog

Rent from $90/day

Podium with light and mic mount

Podium with Light & Mic Mount

Rent from $70/day

Wireless presenter with laser pointer

Wireless Presenter/Pointer

Rent from $25/day

AV carts

AV Carts

Rent from $40/day

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Technical Support

Leave the technical mumbo-jumbo to us. A qualified experienced audio-visual technician can deliver, install and operate AV equipment and pack it up when you’re done. We can provide camera and sound operation for recording, live streaming, or closed circuit (CCTV) to nearby location.

AV Rental Service Area

Additional Equipment

We specialize in conference and staging services and have most of what you’ll need for sound, video, multimedia and lighting including:

  • Fastfold Rear Projection Screens in various sizes
  • Laptop Computers
  • DVD, Blu-ray and CD Players
  • CD, CDG, MP3 Players
  • Karaoke Systems
  • Powered Audio Monitors
  • Computer Speakers
  • Art or Signage Easels
  • LED or Quartz Photo Lights and Stands
  • Photography Backdrops and Stands
  • Video Camcorders
  • Camera Tripods
  • Equipment Cases
  • Wide Variety of AV Cables and Adapters


Pricing, availability and equipment reservations

Telephone 613-937-3700, weekdays: 10 am- 5:30 pm

You may also complete our Rental Estimate Form and we will reply normally within one business day.

See Rental Terms for conditions and eligibility.