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How do I send my digital photos, or files to KAV by internet?

Since email accounts usually limit attachment file sizes, the most efficient way to send us your digital photos video or audio files is by using our file transfer service. Click the Hightail upload link button to add files from your computer to our drop box. Maximum file size is 10 Gb.

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Downloading Your Completed Project Files

Once we have completed your project, we can also use this service to send you your previews or final edited videos, photos or audio recordings.

Having upload issues from a mobile device?

Some mobile users have reported that they could not get past the Hightail terms acceptance page as it does not display correctly on smaller screens. To remedy this issue, visit our Hightail upload page on a device with a larger screen such as a laptop or desktop computer. Upload a small, sample file, then click on the “accept terms” button. This will register your email address and your acceptance of terms. At this point, go back to your mobile device and retry your upload using the email address you entered on the computer. You should not see the terms acceptance page again.

Blank Screen on Upload Page?

Hit the refresh button on your browser and this should fix it.

Cellular Data vs Wi-Fi

Remember, if you are sending large files from your mobile device, you should be connected to Wi-Fi to ensure better upload speed and prevent potential overages and additional fees from your cellular data provider.

Tech Talk

What is the difference between 4k, HD & SD video

Since the early 1990s there has been a gradual transition from Standard Definition 4:3 screen ratio to digital video and an upgraded resolution to improve picture quality on larger screens. The broadcast and streaming standard is now HD (High Definition) in the 16:9 aspect ratio with some providers offering Ultra-HD, 4k or even 8k.

Planning a Video Production

We have all been told about the power of video for marketing and public awareness. As a videographer, I am often approached by organizations to produce promotional videos. I try to be involved right from the planning stage to help guide the decision makers along the path through shooting, final edit and delivery. After all, the goal is a video that gets attention and delivers the right message to viewers and potentially new clients.

Livestream and Reach an Unlimited Audience

With our livestream + video recording service your next event can be shared around the world as it happens. After the event, viewers can even watch the HD edited video on demand via YouTube on their big screen TVs.

8mm Movie Film Scans Offer Nostalgic Peaks from the Past

Generataions before modern digital video recording, home movies were captured on film. Digitize your old movie films, and rediscover cherished moments from your past. Check out footage shot in Cornwlall in the 1950s and 1970s and some long-gone landmarks and ways of life.