Livestream and Reach an Unlimited Audience

KAV has recorded hundreds of live events around the community over the years. Now with many events cancelled or occurring virtually throughout the pandemic, livestream video is keeping us connected like never before.

For those planning an event, there are often issues of safety and crowd size due to public health restrictions.  Then there are those friends and family unable to travel to attend the event. We have the solution to bringing an unlimited audience size to your event. It’s our livestream + video recording service. Please tell us about your next event and we will be happy to check availability and provide an estimate.

One funeral that we live streamed recently was attended by a few dozen people on location while roughly 2,000 viewers viewed the service online.

Viewing Our Livestream Videos

We’re often asked how to view a livestream video. For the past year we’ve posted several videos of live events on Facebook Live. If you are preparing to view a scheduled livestream before it begins, here are some tips:

  • Go to our Facebook page: You do not need a Facebook account to go to our public business page.
  • If you prefer to prepare in advance, go to: then “Like” and “Follow” our page if you have a Facebook account. Facebook will send you a notification when the livestream begins.
  • If it is close to the scheduled start time of the event, simply keep the page open and wait for the video to appear near the top of the posts column/section.
  • Sometimes the livestream video may start a minute or two late since this is a live event.
  • If you have waited for a while past the scheduled start time and no livestream appears, try refreshing the page. It is also possible that we were unable to stream the event due to internet connectivity issues. In this case a recorded video will be available after the event.
  • Once the livestream has ended, you’ll still be able to watch the video which will be saved and posted to our facebook page. You’ll easily find all past live videos under the “Live” tab.

Livestream vs Recorded Video

The video quality can vary with livestreaming due to the internet connection speed at both the sending and receiving end. While we strive to attain a high definition picture, the streaming software will automatically reduce the quality when the connection is poor.    

As a safeguard, we usually record the event as well using professional video and sound equipment. This high-quality recording is edited and normally includes more camera angles, closeups, titles and improved audio.  Some edited event videos may also be posted to our YouTube page:

Funeral Recordings

Edited funeral or memorial service videos are normally found on the associated funeral home’s website on the obituary page. There is normally a link under the photo/video tab or in the obituary detail section.